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As Kent based celebration cake specialists, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful cakes, cupcakes and favours that your guests will love. Our custom service includes an initial consultation, tasty cake samples and a design process that has you involved at every step. We’re also able to offer wheat, gluten and dairy free cakes, as well as those suitable for vegans.
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Croft and Green designs elegant wedding and celebration cakes which are unique and delicious

We’ll help you with everything, starting with pen and paper at the sketch phase…

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Wedding Cakes

Celebration Cakes


Cake Pops & Favours

To have a look through a selection of our wedding and celebration cakes, as well as some other tasty treats, just click the tab below…

Whilst most of our cakes are bespoke, and therefore made and priced to order, we have listed the average costs to give you a guideline to work from. Always get in touch if you have any questions…

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Croft & Green is lovingly run by Helen Greencroft, whose favourite thing is either baking cakes, designing cakes, or talking about cakes…either way, it’s all about the cake!

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Seriously Fruity, Fruit Cake

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Velvety Vanilla

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Cheeky Chocolate Truffle

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Luscious Lemon Drizzle

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Classic Carrot Cake

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Classic Cherry & Almond

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We offer a complimentary consultation which can be held at a location of your choosing. We will work with you to design your ideal cake, and provide a selection of delicious cake samples for you to try, including any particular flavour combinations you have in mind, and can also accommodate any wheat, gluten or dairy free requirements you may have.

During the consultation we will begin designing your cake. If you have any specific ideas, colours, fabric samples or flowers in mind then these can be incorporated into the design.

Once the design of your cake has been agreed, we will provide you with a formal quotation.

If you would like to have an informal chat with us about your celebration, just get in touch via the link below…

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Beautiful cakes and confectionary,
all lovingly hand-made in Kent.